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Free trade agreement between Peru and China

China has become the most important trading partner for Peru. Peru and China has a Free Trade Agreement.

In relation to China, there is a constant demand:

Legal advice: Contract, payment fraud, delivery date, defaults, constitution of companies, taxes, work and residence permits, work with public authorities, translator and translations and others.

General advice: export, import, commercial agent (sourcing agent) reliable suppliers, trading volumes, trust, business trips, fairs (particular interest), conferences, working meetings, qualified manufacturer, competitive prices, wholesale, production capacity for demand, to find a trade partner, translator and translations for technical language (machinery installations) and others.

China’s investment activities in Peru

Mining, oil, communications, finance, infrastructure and others.

Chinese companies in Peru


-Chinanco mining company

-China Railway Engineering Group

-Huawei del Peru S.A.C


China – Intellectual Property in Peru

Chinese register many patents in Peru.

Peru export to China

Fish flour, copper ore, copper cathodes, iron ores, silver ore and others.

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